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What is a praline?

A praline is a confection made with pecan nuts in the Southern United States.  It originated in France where it was made with almonds but that changed when the French got to the New World and the most available nut was the pecan.  It is also known as pecan candy.

Pralines take on quite a few shapes and sizes and are generally, sugary, creamy, or chewy. MiMi’s pralines are rich and creamy.

How can pralines be served?

Typically the praline is served by itself as dessert or as a sweet snack. However, pralines may be ground up or crumbled and added to Ice Cream or any number of dessert recipes.

Are there sugar free pralines?

There are sugar free pralines out there but we do not sell them.  Sugar is a main ingredient in pralines and using a sugar substitute just does not work as well.

How do I pronounce praline?

There are two common pronunciations of praline the common pronunciation in the Southern United States is PRAW-leen while in other parts of the country and PRAY-leen is the more commonly accepted pronunciation. The pronunciation may also indicate which confection is being referenced, in Europe praline can mean any number of confection with a filling or nuts in them and the pronunciation is PRAY-leen. In the Southern United States the pronunciation is PRAW-leen.

What is the shelf life for your products?

The shelf life is two months for our original Pecan Pralines and one year for our Cinnamon Glazed Pecans.

What stores or shops  can you buy your pralines & pecans?

See store listings on the Locations page of the website.

Do you do special orders?

Yes, we do.  We have done weddings, parties, luncheons, favors for conventions and trade shows.  Examples of special orders include bite-sized pralines for special occasions.  Please put details for your special order on the Contact page.  We need two weeks notice for all special orders.